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3.11JAPAN earthquake!

I  live in Miyagi/Japan where has gotten huge damage by Japan eathquake.
I live in Sendai city, and the city hasn't gooten big damege.
Some windowpanes  and walls were broken, but  almost buildings have still remained.

There  was no gas for month,
So  I could't take a hot bath for month;-;
I felt so bad!! But, I am so lucky, because I still have a my apt.

My parents house(my hometown) is still no gas and waterworks.
My hometown is Ishinomaki city where has gotten  the hugest  damage in Japan by Japanese eathquake.
A huge number of people died and still lost , also some my friends died.
Some dead body are still in the debris. I am really sad  about that;-;
In spite of many people died, we are not able  to perform their funeral.
Because the crematorium also has gone by tsunami.
It is sucks!!
I hope their soul can rest in Heaven.

The town where I knew very well has gone by tsunami.
And there is only foundation of  a house.
I could not  realize where I am. 

My parents house was flooded by tsunami, And twice a day the house is still flooded by high tide.
I need long long jackboot , when I go to there XO
And  we  are scaring when the house will be broken by aftershock;-;
The 1st floor is flooded, my room in my parents house is 1st floor, so I lost many clothing and my memorial  items.
Unfortunately I lost my work by tsunami and it is difficult to find a new job in here, because huge number of people lost their works, also ther company buildings or factories.
So I decided to runnnig my SS like a my temporary job!
I don' have a job now, it measns I can go to the store even weekday
I am glad to continue my SS, because Lolita items make me so cheerful<3
And I am try to find new job!  I never give up!! YEY<3

I go to my  hometown every week for helping my parents.
And I took a lot of  my hometown pics.
I f you interested in JAPAN  earthquake, you can see the pics.
Almost road has cleaned , but outside road is a mountain of debris.
The amout of debris are same as 10 years amout of rubbish in my city.
I am rearlly worry about our future.
Many people are worrying about us now, but almost people will forget this huge disaster in the future.
I am so scary about that.
Even in Japan, People who live in south Japan  are not interested in the devastated area more and more.
If many people are not interested in the disaster, we can't take their assistance.
And I can't  complain about my situation no more, if my situation was still bad .
This disaster is too huge to recover soon.
The goverment said that  it will need more than 10 years for rerecovery.

Still have aftershocks.
I  wish it was just a dream.
I  cant accept the reality still now.
I wanna escape from here!!


The road is flooded, it looks like a island.

The ship came from sea to town.

There was no sands before the earthquake happened, There was residential area.
A large number of houses have gone by tsunami.
Instead of houses, there is many sands now.

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:( ;_; oh I'm so sad, I know people's souls will be ok, just will be good when families of people can have the space to honour them how they would like to. This so sad :(

We must get over the disaster, if the way is so difficulty.
I am proud of Japanese people's behavior,too^-^

I found your page by searching the offers in egl_sales.
I read your journal and became very sad.
I bow low in front of the brave people in the earthquake areas. (I hope I can uns the term that way)
I think in every country of the world there would be chaos after such an accident but the people of japan are so disciplined.
I don´t know you but I know you will find a new job and get a new perspective.
I don´t have money to order something from you, but I promise to mark your shopping service and to use if I have money for an order from Japan.

Greets and best wishes from Germany


Thank you for your considerration.
I am so grad for your comment.
My life is better then bofore more and more,
I could get many friend because of this disaster.
They make me so happy^-^

Again, thank you so much.
I am looking forward to your offer<3<3

It sounds stupid but I think that there is a reason for everything in the world.
For every negative experience you have there will be something good in your live.
You can´t see the good now or tomorrow but maybe in a month or in a year.

If I would order something, it would be a Lucky Pack.
I would like to have an Alice and the Pirates pack.
I don´t have an idea, is it hard to get one?
If I can order one in your shopping service I would be interested.


Yes, I hope so^-^
I think the experience will be good in my live, too.
But also it make me relry negative sometimes....
Like a when I see the image of earthquake or tsunami on TV,
I feel so sad. It is trauma.

Yes, Getting Lucky Pack is pretty hard, but
I will do my best if you want^-^
Just feel free to PM or Email me, when you
want to buy it^-^

I found your journal after reading your shopping service post on EGL sales. I am very sad after reading this. You have been so brave in the face of incredible adversity. I am glad you are ok and at least you have not been hurt. My heart goes out to you and all in your community.
I am not quite ready to buy it yet but I am saving to buy my dream dress, and I am glad that at least I can do something to help you by using your shopping service :)

Thank you for your consideration!
I was so touchedXD
My sistuation is still bad , but I think better than before^^
But there is another problem atm.
There is so many flys and mosquito from debris or dead fishes.
We are worry about infectious disease;-;

I thought almost everyone forgot this nightmare,
So I am so glad to read your comment.
Thank you so much!

I am so glad to hear that things are improving for you, even if it is a very slow recovery process. I hope the flies and mosquitoes aren't getting you down too much. You should stock up on lots of repellent! Maybe that would help ease the mosquito situation, even if only slightly. I really do hope your situation continues to improve and that you soon can get a job again.

Even though the news programs here are no longer covering the tsunami and earthquake, the images are still in the minds of many of us here, we have not forgotten!

Love and best wishes!

Yeah, I heve tried to get many leppelent, but
it was sold out very fast, because everyone want to it.
So I bought it via internet shopping^^
Due to Tsunami, the city has lost so many stores, so
It is really difficult to buy something at there.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces sprinkled leppelent on the
some area, I hope it works soon^^

That's crazy, I hope you managed to buy enough repellent online. I could always send you some if you needed it ^_^

On another matter, if you happened to see an Alice and the Pirates Rapunzel OP or JSK in the white colour in your shopping service travels, could you let me know as I am looking for one. If I find one and I need a shopping service I would like to use yours^^

I'm so sorry about everything that was lost in the earthquake and tsunami.. to be honest, you are right, after they stopped reporting on the situation in Japan, I sort of pushed it to the back of my mind then I found this.. I hope things are getting better. I promise I will keep you, your parents, and the disaster areas in my prayers.
Also, if I need a shopping service, I will use yours.
Best wishes..

Thank you do mach for your consideration!!
Yeah, the situation is same as Japan, too.
Stopped reporting on the earthquake and instead of earthquake
almost people consider about redioactivity problems.

Even now, 5000 people are sitil missing;-;
It need a lot of time for recovery.

Thank you for your interested in my SS^^
I will be glad to help you in the future:D


even though some time has passed, you don't forget things like these and I hope that not only the sadness or pain, but Japan's will to go on and fight to recover is never forgotten ♡
I admire your spirit and serenity so much, blessings to your family and your neighbors from your hometown

next time I need an ss service you will be my first choice ^^ many regards.

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