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Shopping Service in Japan
Please read hereXD

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(Screened comment)
Please contact me via e-mail,
Please do not posting here, I can't reply you soon
if you poted here.

could you tell me your budget then?


I m sorry for posting here but somehow your email isn t working.
I don t know what went wrong.

My budget is 20000 yen

maybe you can try to contact me via email, its the same as my paypal adress.


hi, I got your message ^^, but somehow I cant answer you.
The message is returning to me everytime.

sorry for the circumstances.

Do you need a deposit? If so, please feel free to invoice me.

And the seller don t accept bids from shopping services, but this should be no problem for you, isn it?

because you a privat person.

Oh and my budget was 20000 (you forgot a zero )

Sorry for asking so much^^

Thanks Anne

(Screened comment)
thank you for your offfer!
but could you please contact me via e-mail?
because i do not often check LJ or LJ mail(*_*)
i will bid for it soon!

thank you \(^-^)/

Hallo, I'm interest to use your service. What email that I can use to contact you? thanks~

Thank you for your interest:)
Here is my email address^-^

caramelmilk0202 AT yahoo DOT co DOT jp


Hello! I was wondering if you could go to an Atelier Pierrot shop or not (I didn't see it in the list provided). If not, can you order the items online and get them shipped to you?

Thank you ^-^

I can order the items via online^^
Unfortunately my city does not have the store,
so I can't go to the store...

Hello :)
I sent you an email regarding an mbok auction I would like to bid on. My email is If you did not receive it please let me know. Thank you!!


thank you for your message!
I just meiled you back!
Could you tell me your budget asap??
because the rest of time is only 21hours.

thank you!

SS Request for Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky

I wanted to ask you if you can help me getting Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky OP. I hope it's possible because it's my absolute dream dress and AP's overseas website haven't put it in.
Thank you♥

Re: SS Request for Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky

Thank you for your message!
Could you mail me via email and fill out my SS form then??

thank you!

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